Our Building Process


Meetings, Ideas, Pictures

We start with your dreams. Your ideas. Pictures you have taken of designs or other home ideas that you like. After we have combined our notes and have a good idea what you are looking for, we complete a set of preliminary drawings. These drawings are not to build off of - they just give us a starting point. You will take them home, mark them up, move walls & windows, adjust room dimensions, and work with them until we get it right.


Details, Designs, Drawings

We move from preliminary drawings to final construction drawings and renderings. A specification sheet is filled out with each detail of the project is documented and discussed. Brick? Or Siding and Stone? Tile or Carpet? The more detailed we get in this step the less confusion we have down the road. When you are happy with the specs, we create a proposal and timeline for your project.


Foundation, Designs, Drawings

The fun begins! Depending on the size and scope of your addition, new home, or remodel, it will typically take 4-6 months to complete. Throughout the process we will keep you up to date with any decisions you need to make, and stay in close contact with you about the progress of your project. During critical points of construction we have weekly jobsite meetings to review vital decisions and points of interest. When construction is complete, a final walkthrough is conducted to make sure we do not miss anything and to give you instructions on any new appliances, warranties, or maintenance. All of our labor and materials is covered by a one year warranty. We encourage you to keep track of everything you see that may need touched up or tightened or re-caulked and we will come back and do one final touch-up of our work.


Track Your Project and Easily Make Decisions

With Co-Construct, our customers find the tools to track their project online from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Message us with questions, make decisions, and keep up to date with the schedule 24/7, wherever you are. We keep this area updated with daily job logs, photos of our progress, and deadline dates for decisions that you will need to make. Under the financials page, you will be able to track the budget, see any changes, and request change orders - so you know where each one of your hard-earned dollars are spent!